Pier Caps - Moulded Range

This attractive style of pier cap has proved very popular on 'new build' developments as the range will suit brick piers from 1 brick square upto 3 bricks square.

The range also includes caps which fit oblong piers. Additionally, the caps have the same moulded profile as the TW07 & TW08 copings which can be used to cap 215mm & 325mm walls respectively.

CAD drawings of these caps are available in 2D & 3D from the top of this page.

Moulded Cap To Fit Pier Sizes To Fit Brick Sizes Weight Kgs
M.CAP 1 215mm x 215mm 1 Brick Square 17kg
M.CAP 2 325mm x 325mm 1 1/2 Bricks Square 34kg
M.CAP 3 445mm x 445mm 2 Bricks Square 55kg
M.CAP 4 550mm x 550mm 2 1/2 Bricks Square 88kg
M.CAP 5 665mm x 665mm 3 Bricks Square 125kg
M.CAP 2/3 325mm x 445mm 1 1/2 Bricks x 2 Bricks 45kg
M.CAP 2/4 325mm x 550mm 1 1/2 Bricks x 2 1/2 Bricks 61kg
M.CAP 3/4 445mm x 550mm 2 Bricks x 2 1/2 Bricks 72kg


Moulded Caps Images

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