Code Description Weight exVAT incVAT
FCL.01 Half Ammonite for fitting flush onto flat surface / wall. 580mm at widest point. Left and Right available. 20Kg £75 £90
FCL.02 Full Ammonite. 2 halves bonded together and pointed with matching mortar. 40Kg £185 £222
FCL.03 Ornate circular pedestal. 655mm high. 340 diameter top. 120Kg £380 £456
FCL.04 Curved stone bench. Reinforced with stainless steel. 190Kg £412.5 £495
FCL.05 Bust pedestal 1045mm high with 343mm circular top. £295 £354
FCL.06 Tuscan pedestal. 760mm high. 300mm square top. £295 £354
FCL.07 Ornate circular planter. 285mm square base. £320 £384