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Founded in 1974, Kent Balusters has established itself as a producer of high quality cast stone.

Our factory and showroom are situated in Rochester, Kent with excellent access to London and the South East.


All patterns and moulds are produced in-house. If our existing range of stonework does not provide the items required, then we are able to manufacture stonework to a clients exact requirements.

Royal Opera House
Royal Opera House
Cuppola Tower
Langham Hotel

Our core business to date has been the supply of stonework to restoration companies. Some items are easy to reproduce, others are difficult. Using skill and patience it is possible to reproduce items which are seemingly beyond hope. View example


Cast stone is a very versatile and durable material. It can be used for both building (architectural) and decorative purposes, and it is a cost effective alternative to natural stone. At Kent Balusters, we produce high quality cast stone items such as: balustrading, caps, copings, corbels, quoins, cornice, steps, window cills and heads, door surrounds, columns, finials and focal pieces.


Cast stone is a mixture of crushed aggregates, sands and cement. The finished product looks and feels like natural stone. There are 2 main methods of cast stone production, Semi-dry cast and Wet cast. Each method has it's own advantages and dis-advantages. At Kent Balusters we use both methods.

Factors like size, shape, numbers required etc. will determine which method should be used to produce a specific type of item. A brief comparison of the 2 methods

Joy of Life Fountain Hyde Park

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